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‘Deliciously Raw’ Raw Food Cookbook for the Omniblend


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Are you looking for ways on how to spend lesser time in the kitchen without sacrificing the quality of your food? Well you’re in luck, because the ultimate cookbook that you will need for quick and easy meals is now at your arms reach. The brilliant Carmella Soleil has exceeded the crowd’s expectations with her latest book the 83 page ‘Deliciously Raw: Quick ‘n Easy Recipes from The Sunny Raw Kitchen’. This is the fourth installment to the Sunny Raw Kitchen series of recipes books that have thrilled readers all over the world. Being available in both hard and soft copies, you could easily grab a hold of this new book with mouth watering recipes that can be done in less than an hour.

            Creating delicious gourmet meals in less than an hour sounds impossible especially if the recipes require various cooking techniques with the use of different kitchen appliances. The word “complicated” is not a pplicable to raw cooking since cooking should be done in the simplest manner with the use of the best and freshest ingredients available. This is the beauty of Deliciously Raw because you get to experience the convenience of how one appliance could create the most delectable foods you will ever taste.

           And what’s Carmella Soleil’s raw kitchen best friend? It’s the Omniblend V blender – which is a powerful 3HP blender capable of making simple recipes compared to other expensive kitchen gadgets and appliances. The recipes contained in Deliciously Raw are all real easy, quick to prepare and utterly delicious: smoothies, dressings, sauces, soups, spreads, puddings, pie and cake fillings, ice creams and more.

You will be amazed that with a little know how the omniblend becomes a life changing tool especially in helping you achieve a healthier lifestyle. Raw cooking does not literally mean eating raw foods, but instead minimizing kitchen preparation  time and work and eating fresh foods without actually cooking them. The idea of eating raw whole foods can be unimaginable for some people, but after reading Deliciously Raw and trying out the recipes you might change your mind.

            The book discuss a range of topics including successfully transitioning to the raw lifestyle, how best to equip a raw kitchen, and techniques like sprouting, dehydrating and preparing cultured foods and beverages. You can try all the 96 fool-proof recipes and experience how one cookbook can change your life.

            Deliciously Raw will not only entice your eyes with the colorful photos but will touch your soul as well. This is the perfect book for beginners of raw cooking as your body will not be overwhelmed with the changes in your diet. Eating veggies everyday during every meal could get you bored and eventually get you to looking for other foods. Deliciously Raw will give you ideas how to cook with veggies conveniently found in your local grocery stores. Scrap the word “complicated” out of your dictionary because all the recipes in the book are as easy as!

So start going raw and grab your copy of Deliciously Raw today!

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