Green Smoothies

Health in a Blender

Health in a Blender


An immensely healthy choice for a meal or snack you can throw in the blender and consume within minutes? It sounds like a dream come true for the busy on the go person, but that’s just what green smoothies can provide.


Smoothies evoke a massive list of health benefits from their energy boosting power to their antioxidant protection. Some enthusiasts are even calling green smoothies the “new coffee.”


Smoothies deserve their place high on the board of ultimate health foods. After all, they have a lot of things going for them like,


  • Quick and easy to make
  • Offer a great deal of variety
  • Are loaded with nutrients
  • Make an inexpensive meal


  • Taste delicious


Green smoothies, in particular, can also assist in weight and blood sugar management. You can easily get your 5-9 servings of fruits and vegetables, in the morning by starting your day with just one smoothie!


Green Smoothies Over Juice

By drinking smoothies, rather than juice, you get to keep the fiber thus improving digestion. This is a much healthier alternative than store bought juices that are devoid of fiber and full of sugar. This fiber can also contribute to weight balance as it makes you feel full and satisfied.


Using dark greens in your smoothies, give you the benefit of chlorophyll, which experts attribute to blood purification and a stronger immune system. Due to its cleansing power, many green smoothie drinkers find that their skin not only clears up, but also glows.


It’s So Easy

Smoothies are easy to make. Just take your greens of choice like spinach or kale, add in some liquid, ice and an apple or banana if you wish. You can even add other health boosting ingredients such as flax or chia seeds.

Blend all your ingredients together and enjoy the refreshment! Cheers to you health and happiness!

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