This is what you are going to get with your JTC Omniblend

Base unit with 3hp German motor, which spins the blades at an incredible 40,000 rpm.
Mixing jug made from virtually indestructible poly-carbonate, scratch resistant and stable across a wide temperature range.
Tamper, use this to get the blending started especially if you put in fruit and veges without cutting them up.

The three JTC Omniblend models

The control system is the only difference between the three models, high is the same power and speed on all models. there is the:

JTC Omniblend 3

The Simplist model, with high/low speed control switch.

JTC Omniblend 1

Controlled by a variable speed dial with pulse switch.

JTC Omniblend 5

Touch pad control for low/med/high/pulse and set and forget 35/60/90 seconds on high function. 5 out of 6 people get the Omniblend 5.

I recommend you get the JTC Omniblend 5 model.

The choice of mixing jug

You have the choice of two mixing jugs: the square sided jug and the tall round jug. Both hold 2.25 L when filled to the very top. The tall round jug can hold a little more liquid when running on high speed as the top of the jug is further from the blades.  The square jug is recommended for most people making smoothies, it has flat sides which makes it very easy to use a spatula and to rinse out. The round jug performs better with dry processing e.g. making nut butters or making flour due to the narrower base and also if you want to blend as much as possible at once it is the best choice as the top is further from the blades, so you can run it with a little more liquid in it.

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