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You know the importance of looking after yourself to ensure you have a long enjoyable disease free life.  But we are constantly bombarded with information on how to do it…regular exercise, supplements, herbs, healthy cooking, yoga .  And so many conflicting view points, it’s gone well past the point of confusion.

The biggest issue facing the majority of us is health and lifestyle problems from carrying too much bodyfat.  Once we are overweight it becomes extremely likely that we will suffer from now common illnesses such as heart disease and diabetes.

If there is just aspect of your lifestyle that would make the biggest difference, it is your diet.

You may be like me and share these two issues.

1 You want to eat right

2 You find it too challenging to do it consistently day in and day out

I’ve been to countless nutritionists, exercise bootcamps, but always still fell back to my overweight figure and low energy levels once the program and my motivation ended.  That was until I was introduced by a friend to green smoothies and she even lent me her vitamix blender to make them.

A green smoothie is quicker for me to make than bacon and eggs and takes the same time to make and eat as having my old regular of muesli and milk.  And because it is so quick to make and drink in the morning and actually tastes good it has won out against all the other breakfast options every morning for me day after day for the last 2 years.

The results speak for themselves, just by changing my breakfast to a green smoothie over the past year my body fat percentage has dropped from 28% to 20% (loss of 8 kg of pure fat)

Now I’m quite comfortable walking around topless in my garden, driveway and even the park.  I’m consistently energetic throughout the day, no more highs and lows or exhaustion at 6pm. I need an hour less sleep every night, and wake up an hour earlier each  morning.  Not with a groggy feeling resentful that I didn’t get enough sleep and knowing I going to suffer through the day.  But full of energy and rearing to go and looking forward to the coming day.

Having a green smoothie each day is easier than what you are doing now, it will save you time and with no effort eliminate the biggest cause of illness for you.

Why not lose 5-10kg of pure fat of your body, have more energy, look and feel great and save time and effort doing it.

Take the green smoothie challenge and have a green smoothie every day for a month, you won’t look back.

To your Health and Vitality