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Round 2L BPA free mixing jug

BPA free round 2L Mixing Jug

$240 $155

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Round BPA free Jar, made from Eastman Tritan Copolyester and virtually indestructible with the blades manufactured in Japan. This round mixing jug is graduated up to 2L and holds 2.25L of liquid if filled to the top. Will blend with 1.9L of liquid in the jug. The Round shaped jug with it’s narrow base does a brilliant job grinding dry food such as nuts and beans.


It comes complete with lid and tamper. To fit Omniblend 1, 3 and 5 units.


BPA stands for “Bis-phenol A” which is used in Polycarbonate container production. BPA has been found in containers. The container material can leech if exposed to hot temperatures.


Everything leeches, especially your HDPE or PETE water bottles, your milk bottles or 1 gallon containers, and of course your glass containers, etc. But your glass container has been proven over time to be very safe. Plastic has not been proven at all. Given another 20 to 30 years, and we should know more about plastic interacting with food and whether it is safe or not.
Plastic does not necessarily leech all the time, but generally increases greatly with increasing temperatures. E.g. when your HDPE drinking water bottle is left in the car for a while and you come back to take a sip, you then will taste this funny bitter-weird tasting flavour in the water.


Do not microwave your container, not even if you have the BPA-FREE Co-polyester Eastman Tritan (TM) Container, and do not put through the dishwasher.  Just rinse it out. It will last much longer.